How to choose your lawn

I had a phone call and a visit from Gene and his father on Tuesday to check out our sample pots.

Gene had spent Monday night on the website torn between which grass would make the best lawn for his home. Early Tuesday morning Gene called to ask if he could come out and have a look at the different types of lawns. He said he had been researching all night and couldn’t make a decision. And that maybe being able to touch the grass would help him make up his mind. 

I think Gene came out to the office with a new Palmetto Buffalo lawn in mind. It looked to me like he already had made a choice in his head.

When Gene pulled out he got out of the car with his father and we started up a great chat, all the while my girls (my 3 dogs) eagerly accepted all the pats and cuddles Gene’s father could manage to give out. Gene was all keen on the Palmetto buffalo, until I showed him the Empire Zoysia

Gene run his hands over the Empire as well as the Palmetto. We went through the pros and cons of both grasses and Gene ummed and ahhed through the differences. But his hand kept coming back to the Empire zoysia pot. He pressed down, he run his hands over the blades quickly and then slowly to make sure it really was the lawn he wanted to wake up to every day.

I think in the end it came down to the feel, the beautiful colour of the Empire, the dense leaves that  are more likely to keep out invaders like bindii’s, and just how spongey the lawn will feel over the years. And the fact that there is way less maintenance with the Empire than other lawns is always a big bonus. 

So we arrange for Gene to have Empire Zoysia turf delivered the next day to become his new lawn. 

Wednesday afternoon Paul brought two pallets of Empire Zoysia turf to Gene’s place and moved them up his driveway as close as possible to where Gene wanted to install his new lawn. Paul left Gene with an installation guide and a smile. Gene’s dad had the fertiliser covered, and the Men went to work. 

Wednesday night as I was sitting down to my night time cup of tea, and I opened my emails. I received a great email that made me smile and show all my family. A thank you with beautiful lawn pictures. 

Great choice with the Empire Gene. And thank you for coming out and chatting with me. I love how you even got the stripes in your lawn!

So if you are having a conundrum  on which is going to be the best lawn for you, come out to the farm and the office and run your hands over the sample pots and see which one you can see yourself walking on bare footed at your home. Get in touch with me!

And like Gene, you could end up with a beautiful, stunning new lawn. And a happy chat with myself of course!