How easy is it to install a new lawn?

How easy is it? Well it won’t take 1 minute like it does in this video, but it is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

You start on the outside and work your way in.

But unlike a jigsaw puzzle, you water your turf puzzle as you go. This helps cool the turf as you place it down. And aides you in not having to water heavily when you finished.

Also if you are the waterer (as I was) then you get a break from the actual laying as well.

The installation process is also aided in the Coastal Turf Installation and after care guide we provide you with. As well as life long assistance if you ever need something to do with your lawn.

Watch this little installation process. The Truck Driver, The Office Lady, and the Turfman 

The Office lady is Me! I’ve been in the office now full time for the last 6 months and off the farm mostly. And I do miss it. So opportunities like this one, I never miss. I love it.

Chat soon, or watch out for me Installing turf somewhere!

Its always a good day when I get get some dirt under my fingernails.