How does a beautiful lawn begin? At Coastal Turf we have the right recipe

Where it begins

At Coastal Turf we work hard on our paddocks to create beautiful soft lush green turf grasses for your new lawn. We use a special recipe to feed the plant and nourish its every need to create a healthy root system, which support the lush green leaves which will become your lawn. By feeding the plant on our farm, when we harvest the turf with soil and roots as about half the slab width 9the other half thick lush fluffy leaf) we send along to you all the best bits to create a beautiful lawn. This secret family recipe is tried and proven over the past 20 years to create not only gorgeous green paddocks on our farm, but Stunning lawns at your house. And it all starts at the ground level up.


Soils are so important. Microorganisms, worms and bugs are so important in the growth of a healthy lawn. These are crucial in unlocking the stored nutrients in the soil for the plant to absorb to become a Gorgeous Green Grass. Fertilisers within our secret family recipe provide the stored nutrients for these amazing animals to eat and poop out for the plant to absorb.  Sunlight is vital. The leaf requires the amazing warmth and nutrients that the sun provides to photosynthesis to stay green and lush, so picking the right turf grass for your area is really important. Low lights a thick leaf, full sun a thinner leaf. Water, like for us mere mortals, is really important for all life to survive. Where Coastal Turf comes in is really important. And that is providing you with not only the right grass for your situation, but most importantly providing you with a Healthy, Green, Lush (secret family recipe enriched) Turf Grass for your lawn. By starting out with the best, you give your new lawn the best opportunity to be the healthiest greenest lushest lawn in the street. And be the envy of all those around you.

Chat soon,

I’m off to mix up the family turf recipe to feed our paddocks. Unfortunately it doesn’t smell as good to me as our secret Scone recipe, but the paddocks sure do love it. 😉