Hot weather and the best place to escape

This last couple of weeks have been really super hot. And it’s not even summer yet. And I have been watching various  websites and it does seem its gonna get hotter. Have you noticed that some areas just so much hotter than others? 

Like on one of the 30 degree days I was picking the kids up from their school, or as my husband and I call it, the concrete jungle. There is literally concrete from one side to the other. Which you know is great for handball, but not that great for running around on. And it quite literally felt sooo much hotter there than it was at the farm. 

Now when we were at the farm we don’t have a lot of tress to shade us. We have big wide open paddocks. Because these are the best way to grow as much turf as possible as quickly as we can to become your new lawn. And we were out in the sun in the middle of the day. It was hot. But really bearable. 

The kids school has large tall concrete buildings. A huge giant tree. Heaps of concrete. And a small grasses area. And an area with synthetic grass for small kids to sit. When we came to the school at 3.15pm, the school felt really HOT. And I know that part of it was because we were in the middle of town now. And that the buildings block the wind. But a large part of it is how much the concrete radiates the heat!

I now know why my kids never wear a jumper to school. They won’t have to! 

So I was not really surprised when one of my friends sent me this U-Tube movie today.  Have a look at the huge difference that cool natural green grass can make to the surrounding environment. 

Or head over to the link and see the video.  It really makes you think! And I am for sure happy to be at the farm rather than at school. Well for heaps of reasons. 

But think how much cooler your home, your work or your kids school can be with a natural green grass lawn. I know where I would much rather sit this weekend….