Holidays, and the best lawn makes for happy times.

Its school holidays for  both NSW and Qld. And if your like me, you are looking for something for your kids to do. And my favourite thing to say to my kids is to tell them to go outside. We have a deal that for every 20mins outside, they get 5 mins of wifi! This means  Netlix, YouTube, and all those other things they watch the internet is limited to how much they go outside. And I have now enforced the “Fighting Penalty”. I’m not sure what happens at your place, but at ours, my son and daughter are either best friends or worst enemies. For levy fight I can hear (unfortunately I had to put this in so I don’t get the dobbing. Sigh) there is a 10mins penalty to existing Wifi time. Haha! I am an evil mother! Well thats what they tell me.

We are lucky here in that I have a huge area I can send my kids outside onto. I was shocked to receive from Turf Australia some info which said that now a days, in some places,   that 39% of our kids are spending less than an hour outside! 

What was really encouraging to me though, was that most parents were looking for places to live where their kids could enjoy some green grass time. 

We are all more than likely to put ourselves out for the happiness of our kids. And to stop the bickering. Being outside means our kids can run, tumble and giggle. Having a great lawn, means they can take their shoes off, feel the soft cushion of the lawn under their feet and laugh all day. At Coastal Turf we are here to help you you get the best lawn for your place.


A Natural Grassed lawn will absorb all those accidents; Be they wee accidents or bloody accidents; with little to no clean up from yourself. By walking bare footed on the grass kids get lots of sensory stimulation which calms them and helps them to earth themselves. This is meant to create happier people in the long term. My kids hardly ever wear shoes, and run bare foot across the turf farm all the time. The more I can keep them outside the better I think.

It also means that they have tried and tested all the turf varieties with Bare feet and can recommend what feels best. Here are my three’s recommendations….

Hollie (age 11, girly, plays hockey and loves Polar Bears) – The Wintergreen is best cause the ball moves faster across it. And its best to cartwheel on.

Riley (age 15, very tall 179cm. Loves his wifi, and will work hard to get more. Even if it means playing with his brother and sister) – The Coastal mix. It has two different grasses so it gives you different feels as you run. (He is a great at articulating his feelings. As most teenage boys are.)

Marcus (age 9. Loves Football. And wrestling. And Dad jokes) – The Palmetto Buffalo or Zoysia. Cause it is better to fall over on. Softer and bouncier.


I would definitely say that having a green lush lawn to play on is a thousand times better than your kids coming home like this though…..

This did not come out easily. I had to get them to stand on the greener grassed area to take the photo. On the mud you couldn’t see them.

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