A Healthy lawn is a Healthy you.

My kids call me boring. I call it dedication. Because at night I go through websites on my iPad and look at Lawns. I look at what other exciting new developments are occurring on our field. Be it new varieties, or new research  into disease and pest management or, the research into the benefits of lawns and turf.

This week I came across a great little website in America called Lawn and Landscape. which was really fun. It had great pictures and also had some great research. I really enjoyed it. The best part I came across was there list to give customers about the benefits of a good lawn. It seems America does a lot of research into why their lawns are so good. I found a few other exciting ones, but my kids made me get off the net because I was slowing down Netflix. Hahaha. The joke was on them. It was not because I was online that there was a slow download, it was because I had changed the password. But I had to fane confusion and concern when they said it wasn’t working. Then I made them play soccer with me on the lawn, which I managed to loose. Next time we play something I can win at.


Anyway, back to grass. So from my couple of weeks of having all the internet for myself (I will tell them the code when school goes back cause I know they need it for homework) I have quantified most of what we instinctively already knew where the benefits of having a lovely lawn. This week I am going to concentrate on the environmental benefits.


We all know from Primary school that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. But did you know that your lawn is super amazing at it. Your average sized healthy lawn will make enough oxygen for a family of four.

And your healthy green happy lawn will also store as much as 136kg of Carbon per year.

So when you are driving to the shop to buy a nice cool beverage to sit down on your lovely lawn, take a big deep breath in knowing you are helping man kind.

Your lawn is also trapping dust and dirt that can fly up into the atmosphere. Your lawn and turf grass areas also prevent erosion control and stops a lot on pollution problems in our water ways. Your green healthy lawn is helping our planet.

At this time of year I bet you have your air- conditioning going. In Summer, a healthy green lawn will be “…at least 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil.”(Credit Lawn and Landscape. ) So this means if the outside of your home is cooler, you don’t have to work you air-condition so hard to cool down your home. Having a nice green grass butted up against your home will keep you cool, and it seems calmer.


So you can look at your lawn this week as major contributor to society. It is cleaner our air, and providing you with a a cooler home. It is stopping bad things getting in our waterways, and storing all the carbon it can. All just for you.

Thats why it is important to install the right turf in your yard. This will keep it healthy happy and green, and this intern will keep you healthy happy and green.

Chat with us about the best lawn for your place to start your healthier life. 

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