Have I showed you our Farm?

It accorded to me as I am sitting here listening to the Kookaburras, that I dont think I have put many photos on of our little home Farm. Our Farm on 279 Round Mountain Rd, near Cabarita Beach, is small compared to other turf farms, but it grows fantastic grass thanks to out deep rich black soils. Ever since I was a kid and used to mow for Dad on the farm this little corner of the farm has become my favourite. It always seems to grow the softest grass that is so deep green it almost reflects. I think too, because it is a little out of the way of everything else on the farm it is lovely.

This is the Big Triangle paddock. We do also have the small triangle paddock (named because of their shape and size – not much imagination at Coastal Turf when it came to naming our paddocks. I guess it is better then paddock 1) but the big Triangle always had more trees and bush around it, and feels more secluded. I love the grass that grows here too because it is so soft and robust because it has grown in the sun for some of the day and the shade for the rest. And that is what most peoples houses are like. Not like a giant paddock that is in full sun all day, so when it goes into a home that has sun and shade, it goes into shock for a couple of weeks. The big Triangle grass is great at home grass. It has even had me and the kids and dogs running over it and its beautiful. we are just giving it a bit of a test run for you ……

Chat soon Sare