Happy Grass – the lawn varieties of happy grass…

Happy GrassI love this picture. Its a cross section of a blade of grass, with dye, put under a microscope. Isn’t it amazing how there are little faces that smile at you! It would be awesome if the scientists had used blue for the water areas and yellow and green for the chlorophyl. But it does show the plant with smiley faces! I just think its great that Grass is “Happy”. I know that seeing green grass always makes me feel happier. A bit more relaxed in my surroundings. I don’t know about you, but green areas are always that little bit happier places for me. Be it grass or trees or shrubs. But I do prefer grass.


And I know think that I prefer grass because it is already happy! And its happiness must flow through to me. Or something like that…

Oh no I just read the title and I realised that some people might think we are growing the wrong type of grass! We grow definitely lawn varieties of grasses. And it does make me happy, but not the-slumped-back-in-a-chair-with-the-munchies type happy. Just inner peace happy. Oh no. What you people must think if me now.


So make your happy with a bit of grass.

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