Greening your Lawn

Whats on at your house this weekend? It is now the middle of winter and it is a bit chilly outside. But we are still out there most weekends aren’t we. I think that is definitely one of the reasons we live here. Going outside all year round.

And like a gentleman just said to me, he would rather when his grandkids come down that they play on the grass rather than the mud and bring it inside.


So cause we are outside all year, turfing in winter is still on the table. Its great and it gives the grass time to establish before the spring growth and summer stress. And it is so much easier on your body and ours to install the grass in the cooler months.


We have been installing a lot of Palmetto buffalo lawns and Qld Blue Couch lawns this month. Two very opposite grass types, but both perfect in their own way. The same gentleman who wants to stop his grandchildren playing in the mud has gorgeous Blue out the front in full sun and rugged Palmetto buffalo in the back for where it is a bit shadier. Looks fantastic!Green thick and lush everywhere.


Anyway I am off to potter around outside

Chat soon