Greener on Your Side of the fence

This week I was up at the old DAFF Qld Redlands facility, and found a perfect example of getting the Right Grass for The Right Place. (Don’t know how much they paid so don’t know if it was the right price but knowing the Qld Government…) But I think this photo totally illustrates that if you don’t put the right grass in the right place, no matter who you are and how great your degree’s are at managing horticulture, the wrong grass wont grow as well as the RIGHT grass.

Right GrassSo as you can see, the darker grass in the background enjoys the shade and is thriving, where as the grass in the foreground is not loving the space as much.

So make sure sure your side of the fence is green, fluffy and the envy of the other side of the fence, and get your lawn from Coastal Turf and we can make sure you get the Right Grass for your place. By having a bit of a description of the area, light levels, if your are putting in any new soil and what colour the soil you have there now is, we can help match you to your right grass.

Greener on your side of the fence.

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