Greener on YOUR side of the fence

These the old saying that says it always Greener on the other side of the fence. At Coastal Turf we want to help you make your lawn the Greener side of the fence. Why bother looking and lusting over your neighbours lawn when yours can be the greenest softest fluffiest lawn in the street when you start out with a Coastal Turf Lawn?

I believe that your lawn should be something you can enjoy and relax either on or while watching. That’s why Barbara and I make sure that we match the right lawn type to you to make sure you can have more time enjoying your lawn than worrying that the other side of the fence is Greener. And of course get all your neighbours looking over at your lawn as they drive past, casually walk past or stop to have a chat with you about how Green Your side of the Fence is.

So Sun, Shade, lots of water or dry conditions we have a new lawn waiting for you to be enjoyed and envied….

Chat soon