Green Lawns made easier with Green Couch

Over the past very very hot humid weeks, without the rain, I have been irrigating and irrigating our paddocks. And it really has given me a chance to see how the dry effects the different types of grasses. And I must say that the Green couch has impressed me. Now its not often that you hear me sing Green couches praises. I think it stems from all those years of sitting on green couch at school. Yes it was soft, but our groundsman at school was an ANT LOVER (or lazy, who knows which one) and let millions of ants live and bite anyone one who dared sit on the soft green couch.


But now I am seeing green couch in an entirely new light. Throughout this dry time, and we are watering the green couch paddock, the green couch is still SO GREEN! I know its name suggests it should be, but the toughness of this grass just amazes me. Its roots system is so deep (I’m told up to 4m deep in some tests) that it is tapping into water not seen by the naked eye. Its colour is deep and rich, and just with dam water. It usually takes rain to turn a lawn from green to Dark Rich Healthy green, but this paddock of gorgeous green couch is so deep a green it makes us all want to sit on it. And not being an ant lover (nor hater until they bite me) our green couch has no ants or bitey things in it. Yes watch out Qld Blue Couch, the Green couch may be taking over as my new favorite.

Its robust toughness and deep roots system does not only mean it holds it colour and drink well (if only we could all say this), but its also supper tough with wear and tear. That’s why green couch is used on sporting ovals, footpaths and parks. Its tough enough to stand your dog and kids playing hard on your lawn, and pretty enough to look great as you gaze adoringly at your new lawn and home. Almost as cute as my puppy.

Green Couch. Holding its own

Green Couch. Holding its own


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Sare and Ethel the puppy. (Yes Ethel. its amazing what names your husband and 3 children can come up with. Not princess, not flopsy, but Ethel. She definitely does not act like a lovely little old lady though. More a wild crazy young thing.  )