Green Lawns – love you rain!

Wasn’t the rain such a welcome relief this week. My eldest son woke up on Tuesday night worried because he almost couldn’t remember what the sound on the roof was. After he realized it was rain we all ran around shutting windows and getting just that little bit excited. rain is such an invigorating occurrence. It revitalized not only our lawns, but I really think it revitalizes us as people as well. The brown of dust, dirt and dying lawns is just depressing. The Green healthy glow of lawns, trees and shrubs around our homes just makes people smile I think. I know running around with my husband this week to chat with some of his maintenance customers, they were feeling the Love of GreenIt really does make a difference to our lives. Families are more inclined to go outside together on green lawns, we are all more likely to go to a green park to play with family and friends, and it is  so much more enjoyable taking the hairier members of our families out on the lawn when it is green and refreshed.

Green is good and green needs rain. So bring on the rain more and more so our existing lawns can look gorgeous green again. And for those of you whose lawns have been lost over the harsh dry heat of summer, Give us a call to discuss what variates will work best for your Lawn. We will work with you to discuss what you wan to do with your lawn, how often you want to take care of your lawn, and who wants to use it and how. Like below, Keith likes to use the Palmetto Buffalo when its long as a lovely place to relax.

Keith loves his Buffalo!

Keith loves his Buffalo!

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