Green Glorious Green

I think that Wintergreen Couch or just plain old boring Green couch as it colloquially known, all too often gets a bad wrap. Its called the cheap and nasty turf grass. The turf for people who don’t care about their lawns. Well I am here today to tell you just because something does not have a fancy name or have an expensive price tag, does not mean that it is Nasty.

Wintergreen Couch, the green variety we have at our farm, is so super soft fluffy deep green colour lawn, but it is tough and resilient as well. The fine leaf of the wintergreen makes it cushioning and fluffy against bare feet. It really is a joy to walk across. And to install. After 2 months of installing new lawns, mostly buffalo lawns, one of our young apprentices was so excited to install a Wintergreen Couch lawn. He lay down on the finished product to revel in its beautiful softness. From then on when ever I took him on a quote, he tried to talk people into a couch lawn, especially a wintergreen couch lawn, because he loved the softness so much. And he showed people his picture of him embracing the green couch. (The photo is on our Facebook page for all those who know who I am talking about.)

But being a big softy, doesn’t mean that Wintergreen couch is a push over, a weakling. Oh No! It can take on the heavy hitters and come out on top. The Wintergreen couch has a wonderful deep root system. So even if the leaf is taken down by an intense work out (like a dog running backwards and forwards near the fence line) the leaves will grow back quickly to make the area green again. This grass is so tough that it has been used in school playgrounds for years. Its tough enough to take the beatings of kids pounding it day after day with their feet, balls and play, but soft enough to cushion the falls of little ones. The grass is so tough that we a couple of years ago we installed Wintergreen couch at the Casuarina Hockey Club, and those tough Hockey players haven’t worn a dent in it yet. And those hockey players are strong people, with fast feet, and faster stronger arms. SoIi know when I take my daughter to play at Casuarina for her Hockey games, she will have a nice soft area to fall on, and slide on, and all those other hockey mad things they do.

Wintergreen is one of those unsung heroes. It has cushioned our feet and bodies for years and we have just walked all over it, expecting more and more. Wintergreen is amazing in full sun, not sucking up endless amounts of water in summer, not demanding high fertilisation in Winter, and still being soft and green for our backyard sports, like the infamous Summer backyard cricket match between the neighbours, or the Winter football Grand final between your street and one over, or just the relaxing all year sport of lying on the grass watching the clouds go by.

Really where would we all be without the good old wintergreen supporting our childhoods. And really where would we be going if we didn’t introduce our kids to the excitement of a Wintergreen Lawn.

And the reason it is so cheap compared to those zoysia and buffalo lawns? Because of its deep root system, the wintergreen can be harvested with ease and regrown on our farms quickly so we can get more green to you faster. Thats all. No mess, no fuss. All just good cheap green fun.

Gorgeous Green

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