Green Christmas.

Green Christmas is nit the most well known of sayings but I think it should become more widely used. I know that many of the farmers and people out west would love to have a bit of rain to have a Green Christmas. And I know I would not knock back any rain at the moment.

So I am starting the tradition of saying “have a merry Green Christmas” especially if you give or receive a new green lawn as an amazing gift. How wonderful to wake up on Christmas to a green fluffy soft lawn ready for you and your families enjoyment this Christmas. Water fights, backyard cricket, and a place for the new trampoline (that’s what our kids are getting for Christmas. Looking forward to putting that up Christmas Eve) that the kids can run to bare foot across your new soft Green lawn, or the place to sit and relax while watching all these shenanigans.

Green Christmas’ are great fun. And even better it’s a present you can give not just to others but also most importantly to yourself. Your lawn is the first thing your visitors see when they arrive. Having the greenest fluffiness lawn is not just a great present to yourself, but to everyone who comes to enjoy your Christmas Joy as well.

So let’s start planning your green Christmas and I will continue to pray for rain as well as play In our sprinklers as we are irritating your new lawn at the farm.

Chat soon
Merry Green Christmas