Grass Lovers need holidays too…

Well you are all probably wondering where I have been this last couple of weeks. Well I have been off traveling Queensland with my family. It was lovely. We made a quick trip out to Toowoomba then out to freezing Roma, and then off the Engella National Park(where we saw real live wild Platypus! Yeah even with three loud chatting kids at 5am you can still see them), with a stay over in Mackay and their many fantastic parks. On the way home to the Tweed we stopped at Forest Lakes and really actually relaxed.

I was amazed at how much you Queenslanders love your Carpet Grass. It was everywhere and thriving. I think you all must identify with its rugged good looks, its tough exterior and hopefully not too much with its need not to be groomed very often. All the Queenslanders I meet were very well groomed. But Carpet Grass needs little looking after, doesn’t need a lot of mowing, is so tough it can stand kindergarteners running all day over it and thrive, and is always a beautiful blue green colour!


So everybody, lets get in on this Carpet Grass craze and fit your lawns out with the True Queensland Grass – Carpet Grass. I think that if the Cane Toad can be their NRL icon, then Definitely Carpet Grass should be their grass icon. Because it says it all. It’s just that you should buy it from the NSW farm.



Chat soon

And lots cause I am so relaxed and revitalized now


PS would put some pictures of our holiday up, but its mostly of the back of my kids heads or what like because I would say stay still for a photo and then they would laugh and run away… Wait till they get older and want to know what they looked like at 3 5 or 9, all I will have is their backs.