Grass Kids Pets and Care

Most of the feedback we get here at Coastal Turf at the moment is about the Evil Grass Nibblers Lawn Grub. Really the reason most of us get lawn is to enjoy not to pamper and think about its every need all day long. That’s why people have families and pets, at least they can express their love a little better.  A lovely lush lawn is wonderful though and should be enjoyed! Kids adults and pets should be able to play, rough house and in pets cases poo and wee on it ( did you here that Marcus! Only cats and dogs and yes Frogs wee on the grass. Try to use the toilet honey – we are toilet training my 2 year old. He has his favorite patch of grass to wee on at the moment. Its really green but we are trying to spread the urea content throughout the lawn.Any way really off track). So an easy to maintain grass that soft underfoot and not that delicious to Lawn grub sounds like the ideal!

At Coastal Turf we have Coastal Mix that is a blend of Soft beautiful Queensland Blue Couch and Carpet grass that Lawn grubs find disgusting and is an excellent traffic tolerant grass. Its like the perfect family grass because it soft but hardy and wont want you out maintaining it every weekend. So instead of paying the grass attention you can play on the grass instead. We have sold this grass to a lot of families as well as a several Pre-schools. So that shows you how hardy the grass is to with stand twenty five 4 year olds putting it through its paces 5 days a week and then having volunteers mowing when they can. (And Marcus believes that a little urea in the right spot helps it along at our house.  Still trying to encourage the toilet.) So give us a call and get Mick to come and give you a fee measure and feel of our Coastal Mix. I promise the sample is Marcus free.

As some might know I broke my ankle 2 days before Christmas, feel down a step! Not even a good story. But anyway I am not the type of girl or mother who sat down and did nothing for the last very long weeks instead I went out on our Coastal mix with crutches and being the  coordinated person I am (obviously as I feel down a step in the middle of the day and the only thing I had drunk was water!), I can personally vouch for its softmess when you land on it.

Chat soon Sare