Grass in the Rain to you

Well even though it is really quite damp outside at the moment, people still want turf. Whether it be to stop all that dirt running away down the hill, or to stop all the mud coming inside, Grass is so much better outside your place than mud! And that’s why we are still cutting! As you can see this is from earlier today, where the boys and I (yes I was out there in the rain, and mud. And so was Hollie my daughter, but she stayed in the truck and took the photo of Poppa driving a pallet over to the truck that we just finished cutting. She also took some lovely pictures of clouds, and her leg, fingers and some dirt on the floor. But this one was the best, and really the only one that was worth while. But Hollie your picture is published!) were out in the lovely weather cutting grass for a home, because the lovely family didn’t want their top soil going to someone Else’s house!


So don’t worry it is not too wet here to cut for you! Unless we are under water and then that Couldn’t happen again this year, could it? Fingers crossed, as well as grass!


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