Grass – from our farm to your lawn to Across Australia

Grass really is an amazing plant. It pumps more oxygen back into the atmosphere for us to breath than any other plant per square meter. Without grass we would all be gasping a bit, and feeling a bit miserable.

I think that is why so many sports are played on grassed areas. From young to old, from soccer to football, to baseball, to hockey, to Lawn bowls, to tennis, golf, cricket; we play sport outside on grass. And each one played on the right grass for the right conditions. I know that running around gives us all that endorphin rush, but I think aesthetically the green landscape also makes us feel, Happy, for want of a better word.

Our little farm is on the east coast of Australia on the border of NSW and QLD. A Perfect place in the world really I think. But recently I was given the opportunity to head over to WA to check out their similar conditions to ours and what they do about it. I learned so much.

I went to the WACCA! It was amazing and we got a little tour involving the grass. IMG_1443Wintergreen, Greenleaf Park, Couch. I leaned so much about where our grass goes and how and what it gets used for.
And how to use sandy soils to our advantage. And I can tell you, I certainly had a smile on my face looking at this grass.

Chat soon and give me a call and I will regal you with fun grass WACCA stories