Grass for your place

Well I have been on the phone this week with a lovely Developer who went and invested thousands of dollars into seed because he thought it would be cheaper than turf. Unfortunately for him, not all the seed germinated and grew, and all his investment went in vain. That’s the problem with seeds. Like when you through some seeds out in the garden, not all of them grow. And the ones that do are cared for and nurtured into full life. Seeds thrown on the ground or into soil still need work before they can become a lawn. Believe us we do it every day on our farms on the Tweed Coast. We take little seedlings and turn them into gorgeous turf so that they can be laid at your house to become a Beautiful lawn.

So our developer called to get more turf put down over his seeds and was really surprised how cheap it was to turf and install. And it only had to be done once because it was done right. That’s the best part.

So in my probably biased opinion its best to get the green down on your lawn and installed properly so your grass is green and growing. You pay once and that’s it. If you choose to seed, who knows what grass you get and if and when it may grow.

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