Grass For Christmas!

Well on 9 more sleeps until the BIG day, according to my children. They are super excited because school ends today (my daughter took a sicky today, but my son went cause they are having a party) an then its holidays. I am excited too cause it means that I don’t have to have the 5 of us ready to go out the door by 8.30am any more, we can have that extra half an hour on our hands. And the weather has picked up so they can go outside and play. Hurray from the kids and hurray from the parents!

Now kids, the best most lovely present you can give Mum and Dad this holiday is not socks or that thing you found down the bottom of your bed, but a lovely Coastal Turf Certificate so that can have lovely green grass for you to play on and give them some peace and relaxing time. Good for you and Great for them. And of course there is nothing like backyard cricket during the holidays, Parents vs Kids, and you can’t do that in bear feet on dirt and stones. But on lovely soft grass you can.


We are open on the 28th December and only have the 1st January off, so when your lovely children, neighbors, friends or family give you a lovely gift certificate you can spend it straight away while they are there to help you instal it for free, or hit them up for a little extra so we can come in and install it for you, while you sit down relaxed and watch. We can print your certificate out here, or email it to you so it will definetly be there in time for Christmas!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All