Grass and Children

Now that it’s starting to Sunny up again, more and more people are calling us about the best ways to prepare their grounds for Turf installation. And like most things in life, the more prep work you do the less work you have to do later on. The more nutrients you put under the Turf the better long term effects it will have.

Friends of mine call it the Kids Effect. The more you put in now the nicer they will be later on. As in the more Organic Booster and water you can add to the soil and then install the turf, means the less work you have to do on the Grass when it is established.

But I’m not giving away all our installation secrets, you’ll have to give me a call to get those. Or even better, have us install Your Lawn for you.

And when I am asked about the best grass for People with Kids I always say a soft underfoot grass that it doesn’t matter when they fall on it, play football or cricket on it or like Cohan here eat it. And the best management of turf grasses is always Mow Mow Mow.