Grass is always Greener on Your side of the Fence with Coastal Turf Lawn

I have had a couple of calls lately from people wondering why their neighbours lawn is a lot greener than theirs. And there can be many reasons for this. And the main one is grass choice. Choosing the right grass for the right area is crucial!


So many times people call and want the “best” grass we have. And I always answer there is only ever the best grass for you, not the BEST grass that Coastal Turf has. All our grasses are of top quality, and it really depends on the conditions that your new lawn needs to be able to grow happily in that makes it the BEST grass for you, and makes your Lawn greener than the other side of the fence.

By describing your area to me I can help you decide upon the right type of Grass; for example the choices between Couches, Zoysia, Buffalos, and other grasses available. And then when we can decide upon which one of the varieties is best for you, like if you chose a Couch, do you prefer Green couch to Blue Couch? And other questions like sunlight, soil type, wear and tear, and how often you want ot be outside caring for your lawn and how often you want to be enjoying your lawn.


It sounds like a lot of chatting but I believe the only way to make an informed decision on both of our parts is with a little conversation, and information gathering. That way we are both happy, I am happy you have a Grass is Greener on your side of the Fence Coastal Turf Lawn and I am sure you will be too!

Chat soon


Choosing a new lawn, it takes a little bit of chatting IMG_1515

So you can let us know if you have kids, dogs and husbands using the lawn

Chatting about your wants and needs in a lawn, like letting us know who will be using the grassed area (kids dogs and or husbands) means we can make an informed decision together, creating your side of the fence the greener of the Street.


Don’t let the other side of the Fence be greener, get a Coastal Turf Lawn.