Goodbye winter, Hurry up Spring!

On this cold windy chilli day, (dam you winter for returning so coldly) just a reminder that its not just your extremities that are cold. Your lawn will be feeling the chill as well. And may be a little in shock as well. I know I was to feel the cold return after the lovely warmer weather we had for a couple of days.

For your newly installed lawns, over the next two weeks, watch the leaf head for any curling.  If the leaf curls your lawn is drying out and needs a light sprinkle. Like people our lawns still need water in winter. But I know that I always forget to carry my water bottle to drink from in winter. In summer its like the second thing I reach for as I leave the door. This first is my phone, which is usually attached to one of my kids. And then I get to the end of the day feeling a little dehydrated. When your turf is first installed it is really relying upon the slab it comes with to survive. Its not until day 15 at the earliest that your new turf is actually nearly a lawn. So light watering is best to keep away those dehydration headaches, for you and your lawn.

For the long lawns that have been established for years, months, or forever, over the next two weeks, your lawn is about to wake up and try and capture all the warmth of Spring. And grow greener. This winter has been a cold wet one. A change on the coast to what we are used to. And this has caused a lot of soils to compact, restricting the air pockets within the soil, leaving no room for little organisms to move through the soils. It’s this movement through the soil that creates pockets for roots to grow and oxygen to reach the roots. The compact may make your lawn look a little lifeless. White leaves can be seen through your lawn. With your lawn about to wake up and start actively growing and looking for food, get your garden fork out and areate your lawn. Every couple of steps stab the ground and wiggle the fork to allow the air to down get to the roots. And then fertilise before the next rain with a pelletised Fertiliser like Dino Fert. And your lawn will show you all the benefits coming into Spring, and be less work in the heat of Summer.

I know I am really looking forward to the warmer weather coming along, and being able to feel my fingers first thing in the morning. My kids are just looking forward to wearing shorts again. For some reason wearing pants and jumpers is highly inconvenient to a 7 year olds life. Stay warm everyone.

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