Going Green to get the Gold.

Going Green this year? Planing on making less impact on the environment around you and create a better place for our children? Going to use less electricity ? Want to take deep breathes of clean fresh air even single morning?


Then putting a beautiful Green lawn around your home is the next best step for you to Go Green!


Is the Heat island effecting your home?

Ever heard of the heat island effect? This is where unnatural products, like pavers or concrete, which butt up against your home, create a huge amount of heat, which is then transferred into your home. Meaning you have to turn on more fans, more air-conditioning. Using more electricity. Creating more carbon into the air.

But by having the natural products, like a turfed Lawn, up against your home, the grass absorbs the heat, and cools your home. Meaning less electricity costs to your pocket, and a huge benefit to your Go Green Plan!


A breath of Fresh Air

Do all the traffic past your home create a bad taste in your mouth, and a burn in your nose? All the carbon that is injected into our air making it hard for you to want to take a bog relaxing breathe?

Well a green lush lawn will absorb carbon and store it underground. And in the morning, your lawn will provide you beautiful fresh air to enrich your lungs. Going Green means your life is enriched.


Going Green for Gold

So how does Going Green get you Gold? Well, firstly it puts so much more money back in your pocket than paying for your electricity.

And your home will increase in price, usually $70,000 extra for a home with a well kept lawn. And thats a lot of Gold for your green.


It looks nice too and feels great to know all that your doing to help- everyone.

Palmetto Buffalo Turning Green into your Gold.