Glow on your Green Lawn, don’t bake on your brown dust bowl

What does a brown lawn mean? Is it merely a sign of the dry drought times? Or does it really mean that these people have not prepared properly? That they have made bad decisions, not  been responsible. 

Brown means they have not read the instructions or listened to the experts. Brown absolutely means that they have NOT chosen a drought tolerant lawn variety of grass to be your lawn.

People with Green lush lawns,  you should stand proud and tall. Because you listened; You took in the advice and then you prepared properly so your lawn would stay nice and green. 

You are the people who choose to install a thick layer of organic rich with nutrients soil, that supports microorganisms as well as “good” insect life and worms. You made sure it was at least 50mm thick all over your yard. Or maybe you were super forward thinking and went 100mm thick. You should stand tall. Be proud that you had the forethought and intelligence. 

You are also the people that have put down a bucket or two of the Lawn Pride Turf Starter onto the soil before you placed your turf there. The Turf Starer as a beautiful organic based fertiliser and water crystals, you knew would retain the water near the root system of your new turf. This means you have the long term effect of using  less water to establish your new lawn. And, keep it looking good into the future. 

You should be very proud that you choose a drought tolerant lawn variety. Maybe you choose a Blue Couch, which is the most drought tolerant grass available, because  you have a full sun lawn area. Or a Palmetto Buffalo lawn, because you have a shaded lawn. Because you, being a clever person, did the research  and know that these two varieties take a third of the water than any other similar turf varieties. So you know you won’t be out watering your lawn like a crazy person. 

After you have installed your new lawn, just like the Coastal Turf Installation guide said, you read the Coastal Turf watering guide and stuck to it. You have never over watered. Because you know that over watering is wasteful and can cause horrible diseases in your lawn like Fungus infections, that can kill your lawn quicker than you can identify what it is.

You know that a 5 minute to an absolute maximum of 10 minutes at a time of irrigation is all your lawn needs to thrive. Having read your Coastal Turf Installation and After Care guide you know that you only have to religiously water your new lawn for the first 14 days. After this time, irrigation it is all about when your lawn requires it. You know about the foot print test. And that the best times of day to irrigate your lawn are dawn and dusk. As this stops evaporation.  

Because being prepared makes a beautiful lawn.

Then in the 6th week that your lawn has been down, you know never to scalp or cut the grass down really low. You know the more leaf your lawn has, the more water it can hold, and the more dew it can attract. So you only mow the top third of the leaf off your lawn, and keep it looking green and lush. And you love that this has the added bonus of being a little softer to walk upon. 

Because you know about the Foot Print test, you know when your lawn is looking a little thirsty. And the best way to ensure that moisture stays near the plants roots system for absorption is with a Hydramaxx 2L Hose on Soil Moisture Retention Agent when you hand water your lawn. 

You should be completely glowing in your new lawn right now. Because you made the right choice in preparation; the right choice in variety of lawn, and the right choices in maintaining your new lawn. 

So never be proud of a brown lawn. Glow in your Glorious Green Lawn because you did the research and the intelligent hard work to ensure your lawn will stay green. 

We are so proud of you. We know you are proud of yourself. The type of  proud where you sit back and smile at your completed work. And if your neighbours of jealous, show them your plan and lets help educate everyone on the benefits and pride of a Green lawn.