Give your Dog the lawn they deserve

I was flicking through Instagram with my daughter who is 13, looking at memes.We cam across meme “I just want to make enough money to get my dog the yard he deserves.”

It was so cute. And made us both think about how much we love our two fur babies. Two crazy Kelpies who believe that they are really little lap dogs, who just happen to be able to run like the wind.

They are beautiful girls. And we love them. And really they are probably the most spoilt girls, with 23 acres of green grass to run around on.

They are our “Testers”. They ensure that the grasses are good for all dogs. Our Testers ensure that it good to rub your tummy on. They make sure it recovers after they have run all over it.

And most importantly to all dog lovers, that the grasses do NOT cause any irritation to their skin.

Ethel the Turfdog also makes sure that our installers are doing a Top Dog Job!

Our dogs our part of our family. They are not our “pets”. That is a silly word. They are just the four legged members of our family. And sometimes, well usually, they are my favourites.

They are not as needy. Hardy ever answer back. And always, always they are super excited to see me when I get home.

If you are like me and love your Dogs, and they are part of your family, and you want the best for them, Give us a call. We can help you get the lawn your dog deserves.

We can help match the best turf grass to become your new lawn, the carpet for where your Four legged family member can frolic, and play. Or create the discrete area where your Four legged baby can use the toilet facilities. We match a lawn with your family.

Coastal Turf also ensures that we keep our lawns budget friendly. So you can provide your Dog with the lawn they deserve.

Make your dogs smile like Kai!

Kai is very happy with his new lawn!