Getting ready for Christmas!

I’m not sure what you guys are doing at this time of year, but this last week I have been running around little a slightly insane person (only slightly insane.) getting ready for Christmas. At our place we have to do a big clean out of clothes, what fits and what doesn’t, and the clean up of the “storage cupboard”. This is the cupboard that last January we put the tree back into its bag (yes we are bad and have a plastic one. But in the heat it is so much easier and better) and then put it into the back of the cupboard which was clean and tidy Last Year. And now its time to go through it all again. But I do love Christmas. All the Joy and happiness that is around. I especially love seeing how happy our kids are.

And this time of year I think we all start to get that bit more organised and plan out our lives. We know that we only have a short month coming (and we all say  little WooHoo!) and we know how much we have to to do within the small time.   Planning is so important now. I am getting better at this. It has taken me 36 years though. (PS don’t tell anyone how old I am) And it is really important when it comes to ordering your turf.

At the Farm we are Flat out like a lizard drinking to quote my father. So at this time of year we need at least 5 days notice for your deliveries to you.  Plan a week in advance to make sure you can get your lawn when you would like it. And remember that Santa is watching. So everyone on your best behaviour! We are unable to help now when people ring up for next day delivery or with only 2 days notice. We really need the 5 days to make sure everyone gets their turf as early as possible.

And remind your friends and family about how much they mean to you this Christmas with an invite to come and help you install your new lawn. The gift of fitness is one of the best ones you can give. And you get the love feeling back! So its a win win Christmas present all year round.

Chat soon