Football on the Green Green Grass

I don’t know how what your weekend is shaping up to be, but I know that on Sunday we will be sitting in front of the TV yelling and screaming. AS you do for NRL Grand Finals.  This Sunday is all about the boys in our house. And we girls are happy to let them be. We join in every now and again, but mostly we like to sip our drinks and chat and eat delicious food while we watch them scream.  I then always like to through in a comment about the ground, how good the grass looks, stuff like that.

Tony and all his mates and sons then have the traditional half time mini football final in the backyard. Don’t worry there will be pictures on Facebook. It is lots of fun to watch grown men get out done by their children, some of them as young as 6. It really is their ability to run quicker and dodge that gets the men every time. At least they all have beautiful soft Palmetto Buffalo to fall on to cushion their fall. It is a great lawn for all types of family sport. I am told gymnastics by my daughter, golf by my sons, and of course Football all through winter. And on the occasion that my youngest caught me unaware, tackling his mother to the ground, I must admit I was very glad we had the fluffy bouncy Palmetto Buffalo to land on.

So have a great Long weekend everyone. Hope it is as fun as ours.

Unfortunately from this Wednesday, 1st October, all our Saturday (4th October) deliveries are booked in and locked, so we will not be able to take anymore orders for this week. But we can definitely help you again until next Tuesday.

Chat Soon

Hopefully when the Rabbits are the NRL Winners