First week back, are you organised?

Well, my kids are back at school, and the farm and office is really quiet without the song of “MUM!” filling the air. I must admit though I do miss them. I miss their really helpful ideas on how to use my computer, and my daughter learnt how to make Tea this holidays. That was wonderful! Constant cups of tea in the office.

But now they are back at school, I am forced to use my computer slowly and carefully, and make my own tea. The worst part is on the farm. I really enjoyed having lunch with my kids and watching them play around the farm while we harvest. I know their Poppa will miss them and their constant cheerfulness they bought with them down the farm. So we are back into the normal full swing now. The early morning run to the bus stop, after a rushed morning of finding shoes, and those pesky hiding socks, filling lunch boxes and remembering to eat SOMETHING for breakfast. My husband leaves for work at 7am and the kids and I have to be out of the house by 7.20am to get to the bus. I know the reason he leaves at 7am. He misses all the tearing around. (I dream about other peoples homes in the morning as being calm and not having socks that hide from them, and wish that one day my mornings may go that way) So its no wonder that this morning I forgot my own lunch. Lucky I live where I work. I think I’ll take it as an excuse to microwave last nights leftovers for a warm lunch.

So I totally understand when someone rings and says they forgot to order their turn a couple of days ago. I understand that life and socks, quite often get in the way of being organised. It is always preferable to have 3 days notice for all deliveries, then we can both make sure you can receive your turf on the day you want and at the time you want. When you do become swept up in the whirlwind of first week back at school, work or any really busy times in your life, can you have forgotten to order, we will do our very best to organise to get your turf to you. We will also help with contacts for soil and machinery operators to help you out. We know the right people who can help as well. Because life is not always as perfect as Facebook!

Chat soon