Fertiliser Friday – get your organic S*#t together

This is the month of love. February to me has always seemed a weird month for Aussies to have Valentines Day because it is so ridiculously hot that touching most nights is out of the question. My Valentines Day went this year as it does every year. Both of us totally forgetting about it until one of us picks the kids up from the bus and they get us to get something nice for the other one on the way home. I was working late last night so Tony brought me home lovely flowers. Then he went to football trying and I had a lovely dinner with 3 kids telling me about their day. (I am so glad Im not at school anymore and I don’t have to do half the things they do)


So in the theme of loving one and other but not being romantic, I thought we should show some love to our lawns. Being the soft play area for our families, the absorber of all the yuck that we through out on it like dog “excrement” and the cleaner of air cooler of homes, I thought we really all should show our lawns some love.


Thats why we are introducing Fertiliser Fridays! Helping you get your Organic S*#t together. 

On Fridays for $33 we will drop to your door a 20KG bag of fertiliser ready for you to throw over your lawn over the weekend. With all the heat and summer your lawn can stress and it will need a bit of a boost coming into Autumn. throwing out some organic chicken “S*#T” across your lawn and then lightly watering it in will not only boost your lawn now, but for the next 3 months.

And being an Organic Fertiliser, can can get the kids to throw it out over your lawn with no harm or fuss. You can sit back and have a coffee while they happy fertilise the lawn.


So lock your order in for a Dino Fert bag by Thursday afternoon and have the bag delivered to you Friday. Sounds easy peasy.

Chat soon


Every thing else pales in comparison when you use a bag of Dino Fert on your lawn.