Family Turf Farms – Where Dad jokes where born!

I work with my Dad. And my Husband. And now its school holidays, with my kid as well.

Yes please do pass me that glass of Wine.

One of the Funny parts of working with my family, day in day out, all day, and then having dinner with them. Which I have made. And then making them all food for the entire day. And then cleaning up after them. As well as making sure they are all safe, and clean. And making sure that they know where all the orders are going and which turf is goes where with whom. Driving to soccer, football, hockey. Social engagements. Good I think my kids have more of a social life than I do! And Dad I think might as well. And finding that one illusive sock! Don’t get me started! Yes, thanks I will have another glass of wine. Sorry what was I saying?

Ahh yes, as well as all the boring day to day stuff that we all go through as mums, wives, and daughters, there is the lighter side of stuff, like the Dad jokes. My Husband does them. My dad retells them – sometimes badly. And my sons think they are hilarious! Ahh the men in my life. Have you seen those Facebook movies of the two men telling each other Dad jokes, and the other gentleman has to try not to laugh? Well here at Coastal Turf and Turfman they have. And it goes on regularly. And it put s a smile on everyones faces.

I do love dad jokes though. They are clean, happy and often cleverly funny.

Dad – Like Why did the chicken cross the road?

Son- Why?

Dad – To go to your house.

Dad- Knock Knock

Son – Whose there?

Dad  – The Chicken, remember he is coming over to your place?

So when I saw this I had to put it on. It just says everything that our Turf farm would Dad Joke about.

And the lawn is beautiful.


So give us a call for Some Funny Dad Jokes. But please do not call after 5.30pm. I will be having a glass of wine.

Chat soon