Family Turf Farming

Well the best part of having a Family business according to my children, is that even when Mum is at work you can still have your Birthday party. Well a family one anyway.

My eldest Son Riley recently turned 8 and we had a cake and party food with Grandma and Poppa at work. Riley really enjoys his family birthday parties because he can have all the attention on him at home and Work. I think Poppa really likes it because he can come to the kids birthdays.

John/Poppa, Grandma, Hollie Riley and Marcus blowing out the candles

I think that is one of the many things that bonds Coastal Turf is that we can play and work together even though we are all very different. And  think that comes through in our grasses. We currently have 12 different varieties that each grow and thrive differently. For instance, our Couches love sun and being walked on, and Buffalo’s love the cool shade and a cool drink. Almost like my kids; Hollie is very Social, Marcus would live outside if we let him- our couches; and Riley loves the cool shade and a bit of a relax – our Buffalo.

Well off to eat more cake