Family Fun – thats what your lawn is for

So often our green soft lawns are over looked as being the very important places they are. Not only are they the fist thing people see when they come over to your place (and hopefully the first thing they envy at your place) and it adds at least $75000 to your home value, but quite often they are one of the best places for your family to get out and bond with each other. Spontaneous chasing games, football matches of the Decade, trampoline stadium seating, and a quiet place to lie down and watch the clouds together.

At Coastal Turf we think our turf going into your new lawn is all of those things and more. And to make sure that your new Coastal Turf Lawn is going to be all of that and more, we fun test it first. Hollie my 8 year old daughter cartwheels at least 100 time across a paddock before we harvest the grass for your lawn. Marcus my 6 year old and Riley my 12 year old play limitless amounts of football tackles on the paddocks to ensure their softness when falling as well as their durability. We make sure that the FUN is put into your lawn so it comes all ready for your families first footsteps, first games and matches, and first sit and chat. We are a family Farm, which means our kids are intricate parts of our lives and business. Its what makes our farm personal when we chat to you.

Also harvesting the your new lawn is a family affair, with my father driving the harvester, myself or Mick stacking and Riley folding or supervising as he calls it. Good family fun. Even if we all walk away very dirty at the end of the day.

Riley and I after we fun tested a new lawn going to Sanctuary Cove.

Riley and I after we fun tested a new lawn going to Sanctuary Cove.


Hope your family has as much fun on your new lawn as we do creating it.