Face Book and Grass

I was flicking through my Facebook page the other day (look us up its Coastal Turf Australia!) and was rather disappointed that someone had put on there that Family businesses were dying. I was really sadden that the blog had said that Son’s were leaving the family business to go work in the mines because there wasn’t enough money with the family business to support 2 families. Well, I had a problem with someone who is my “Facebook” friend because they completely ignored the fact that Daughters can carry on the family business. And in many ways better. (Sorry little Brother, nothing against you) The relationship I have with my Dad is totally different to the relationship my brother has with him. And this means that I can work here. Now I know that one of my Sons I will never be able to work with. But I think I will be able to work with one of my Sons and probably my daughter.

Especially my daughter who comes up with funny rhymes about Grass at the moment like “Coastal Turf the best grass for my Arse”. Isn’t school great. They come home with so many nice words from school don’t they….

Chat soon