Everyone deserves a chance to play on REAL grass.

This week is the start of the end of Weekend sports for my kids. I am so relieved but also a bit sad about about what our family will do on the weekends now. God forbid we have to clean the house. Nah. I will think of something else to do.


I am relieved though that my kids have the opportunity and the pleasure of playing weekend sports Outside in the fresh air on Natural Grass. It makes a big difference to our loves.

As kids they have a great time rolling and falling on the grass. Being comforted by the soft grass and having the grass absorb all the bodily fluids which come out. The ground is cool and comforting to hot sweaty bodies as they collide. I have under 11’s so there is a lot of falling.


My daughter plays Hockey on the artificial turf sometimes and her falls always end up with grazes that become infected. No matter what we do. The weird plastic stuff is just not comforting and it holds so many germs. I know what you hockey fanatics will say. That the ball moves better. Well I say to you that a well maintained natural turf grass that is the correct variety will have the ball run beautifully on. Take a golf green for instance…..

But a badly maintained plastic field will give you weeds coming through and germs a plenty on your open sires and burns!

Even a well painted plastic grass, which I think looks great outside of Barbie’s house, but not at anyone’s house who is not made of plastic, will get the following problems.

Natural turfgrass automatically cleans bacteria regularly, is low in heat generation that promotes activity, due to the forgiving nature of natural turfgrass less injuries occur on the sporting field, there is no rubber infill to cause breathing issues, when mowing turfgrass there is the cosmetic appeal as well as the tidying of the area, natural turfgrass does not lift without assistance, natural turfgrass waste is mulched and used as fertiliser in production and natural turfgrass sports fields are not affected by high rain events.

Really, Natural is best! Except when it comes to clothes. I do think we should all wear clothes rather than going all Natural for that. Please

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