Even the Professionals recommend walking on the green grass

I have a very physical job that often creates minor problems for my body. In particular I have silly wrists that have a habit f trying to dislocate if I pick up anything too heavy. And the Turfman after years and years of picking up turf and turning Turf into Lawns has shoulders that can become very sore. And thats why we go to a Chiropractor and encourage all of our team to use one.

Now I’m not telling you this saying that installing turf is so very hard that it is almost back braking work. NO Way. It is definitely physical, and it will get you a good sweat up, but it is doable. And it is less likely you will need a good Chiro after you install your lawn, unless you are installing 5,000,000sqm. (This is how much Turfman reckons he installed last year. I personally believe that is a vast exaggeration. I don’t even think our farm has that much turf) And we do have a good Chiro who understands we love our jobs, it is our passion and we are not going to stop so she just has to┬áput my wrist back in and we move on.

This week on my Chiro’s Facebook page was a fantastic quote. And I think this is what gives us at the Turf farm all that happy smile on our face. Not that we are bare foot all the time, but I really do believe spending time on and around grass makes you calmer, happier and gives you the ability to take big deep breathes to keep going with the day.


So take my Chiro’s professional advice. Go walk on the grass, run if you can, and feel all the days “problems” become non events.


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