How essential is your lawn to you? And to our kids?

Most people think if our lawns as just being that bit of green out the front that we have to mow.

But what really is your lawn? How essential is it to your day to day life? What does your lawn do for you?

To me, my lawn when my kids were smaller was a life saver! It was the only place I could send my kids to when they were driving me crazy. Our lovely little grassed area had a slide and a trampoline (or a jumpoline as my kids called it) and a lovely area where they could run around and play, kick a ball (or each other sometimes) and entice neighbours kids over to play as well.

Our lawn was the place where angry cross words, turned into giggles and laughter. Something about being outside just made the kids happier. More adventurous. And being able to play with no shoes on the grass, I believe, was really important to their tactile learning. Feeling the different textures under their feet.

And on the days when the play got a little fullĀ on, like heads clashes when they both went of the ball, the blood was safely absorbed by my lawn. And because it was covered with lovely green tick lush grass, their cuts and grazes where always so much cleaner.


Lawns really are the perfect playing area for our kids. And it does so much more.


So with another long weekend coming up (I mean really who wants to work on Monday?) why not do your family a favour and install some green cushioning, fantastic lawn out the front, and the back, and enjoy the giggles again from your family.


Chat soon