Empire Zoysia The E-Z lawn to be enjoyed all year.

Empire Zoysia is quite often over looked because it has a weird name that is hard to say. Don’t be embarrassed when you say its name. No one here cares if you pronounce it correctly or not.  And least of all the grass cares. Try  calling it by its preferred nick name of Empire Zoysia the E-Z lawn. Like all of us with a interesting first names that are either unpronounceable or have that embarrassing story, Empire Zoysia prefers its Nick name E-Z. Yes its partly from the first two letters of the name, and partly a funny play on words. Because Empire Zoysia is such as easy lawn to own. The grass it self is a thick dense lawn, with close knit blades making the lawn a soft cushion to walk on. The dark emerald green colour is very appealing to the eye as well. The easy going part comes from its need for little to no attention from the owner.

My favourite part of this lawn is that in May the lawn concentrates on its root growth over its leaf growth so there is no need for any mowing until August. This doesn’t mean you have to stay off the lawn. No no. It means you still get out there and walk, run, play, tackle, roll and enjoy your Empire Zoysia lawn all winter. And when the Empire Zoysia lawn awakens in Spring, it is still a very slow growing leaf so your mowing regime is for possibly every 10 to 15 days rather than every week. Over Summer the Empire Zoysia will let you know if its thirsty by rolling its leaf up. So in Summer when you are out on your lawn playing the all important game of cricket, if your lawn is curling up then give the game a bit of a cool down with a light sprinkle of water. Or a quick slip and slide mid way through the game. Always a crowd pleaser. And thats all the fuss that the E-Z lawn will give you.

Because E-Z lawn is so dense, it is less likely to allow nasty weed invasions as well. So you can rest assured you can walk around bare foot in the warmer months. ( you can as well in winter, but I don’t recommend it as it really really cold on the toes. brrr) And due to E-Z lawns slow growing leaf, there is less fertilising required over the life of the lawn. So in short there is more time to be enjoying your Empire Zoysia Lawn, than fussing over it. I love mine around my clothes line. Because it does mean I can walk out there no shoes in the warmer months, (I do wear shoes in winter, mostly because I am a cold frog who believes anything under 20 degrees is freezing and requires beanies and gloves) and enjoy the lawn under my feet.

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