Empire Zoysia – my soft shadey patch

Today I have been spending a bit of time with my Empire Zoysia. Doing some bonding if you will. Well really I have been neglecting the Zoysia at my house. I haven’t mowed it all winter, and I don’t think I will even try until Spring. Its lovely dark rich colour and soft soft leaves make the best sitting ground around my Strawberry patch at home. My strawberry patch is growing some mulch (really grass clippings and other things the kids and I found) and it is in a bit of a shadey area so in winter it gets little to no sun and in summer its still shaded by the shed. And both my strawberries and my Zoysia love it. I must admit to having a little secret weapon for growing them both though….

IMG_1145It is letting my washing machine water flow over the area. Not that this winter, or summer we have needed that extra water. and I don’t know if it does anything, but the grass loves it, and I love that I have a soft area in the shade to sit, and kneel while I attend my strawberries (or really what I mean is kneel and eat as many as I can before the kids see I am there and want to share my strawberries. And then having a soft place to play wrestle with them while we “fight” over who gets that big gorgeous delicious strawberry). Actually I think that the Zoysia patch is calling me now, and of course those strawberries…

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