Empire Zoysia….Its time in the Sun!

Well over the last couple of weeks I have been chatting about Queensland Blue Couch, and now I think its time to give the Empire Zoysia its turn to shine….

Empire is the grass that is in between a Couch leaf and a Buffalo leaf. So its kinda hard to describe. Its not thick or thin but just in between. Kinda like the middle child. But like all middle children it has its amazing qualities that its siblings don’t have.

For example, Empire Zoysia has become a widely used grass on nature strips and beside roadways because it is really slow growing and does not require as much mowing as the couches or buffaloes. Its not a thirsty grass either and tends to hibernate during the colder months so there is even less mowing! And in winter it will stay green even after a frost.

My mum loves it because it is really soft underfoot and nice and fluffy. The kids like it because it feels nice when they fall on it. I like how tough it is. We have a patch in our front yard from a patch up job that my husband did where he parks his truck. It still grows really well, I hardly ever water it, and it is always green. I like it because it doesn’t complain. Ummmm I wish all middle children where like that.