Empire Zoysia and a pub lunch

I had the very fortunate event yesterday of my mother in law and father in law coming down for Grandparents day at my kids school and then asking if my husband and I would like to meet up at the local pub for lunch. I love pub lunches, they are always delicious. The catch up was wonderful as we hardly ever get to see them. And while I was at the Cabarita Beach pub – the Beach Bar, I thought I would just take a quick pic of our Empire Zoysia there.


Empire Zoysia at he Cabarita Beach pub - The Beach BarAs you can see the area is quite shaded and as you can imagine being a grassed area next to a pub its very well used. And its very green. My kids think that I am crazy taking pictures of grass, but there was also A LOT of pictures of them yesterday as well. Happy grandparents day!


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