Easter Eggs on the lawn!

My kids love Easter Egg Hunts. I think its great to watch them scramble around and try and get all the eggs we have “carefully” hidden the night before. Just a small hint though. Make sure you tie your dogs up before and while you are Easter Egg Hunting as one year we didn’t and our big round yellow dog found most of the eggs and ate them at night. A lovely weekend at he Vet as well as a quick trip to get more eggs. Thanks God for Grandmas! But all the other years, it is great to ‘carefully’ put our our eggs on the lawn, and have a few “hidden away” for the kids to run outside and collect as many as their little hands can carry.

Easter Sunday is a great day at our place. Firstly there is the Easter egg hunt at dawn. Yes dawn. That is our rule, the sun has to be out at least before we go outside and search for eggs. Having a very early riser means we have to put these rules in place. Then there is the traditional, only one egg before breakfast rule. Then Pancakes for breakfast with chocolate syrup (of course). Then the kids run off their sugar high, and we all get together for a big family Easter Sunday lunch. Usually ending with some type of crazy sporting activity on the front lawn. So our lawn really is used a lot on Easter weekend, especially the Sunday. And I love that I have a Blue Couch lawn. Its so soft and fluffy for late night egg hiding. And its great for the soccer fall down that I usually end up having in the afternoon. I am not what you would call coordinated so I am always the first to go down. (And its a good excuse to sit down after a run and have a cool beverage.)

We are delivering Thursday afternoon for your Friday morning installers, but we are booking up quickly. So get your Easter orders in as quickly as possible to ensure you can get a soft green lawn for your Easter hunt!


No Eggs for this little round yellow dog this year!

No Eggs for this little round yellow dog this year!

Sorry everyone, we are booked out this week.
Next delivery available is Tuesday 7th April 2015.

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