Earthing! And how to do it through your lawn.

I truely believe that although your family is a really important part of all of our lives, having a great solid group of female and male friends is super important. And having that group be diversified beings results in fun, giggles, laughter and love.

I am usually the boring one in our friend group. My friends are all really interesting people., with what always seems to me to be really exciting interesting lives.  They tell me I have an interesting life, but all I really know about at the end of the day is making sure my kids are still alive and happy, my husband is feed and reasonably happy (depending upon how much he annoys me) and lawn grass. Thats not that exciting. Well in saying the it can be when I have to navigate the lives of a Tweenager, teenager and a big 10 year old.

But I do have friends who are super amazing and fun. And they are the perfect people to talk to so I can get away from  the daily stresses of being a Mum, Wife and Owning your own business. And always great to sit down with to have a chat, and possibly a glass of wine. The kids can frolic up and down the street, on the lawn or just not in our general vicinity. We all have “big” kids now. Which is great. So much less stressful and enjoyable. Give them a ball, a bike, a scooter, and some food, and they all play together with little interference from the “Grown-Ups”. 

In one of  our recent debriefs of our lives, one of my magic friends found this article about Earthing. From what I understood Earthing says how important it was to all of us to walk bare foot on the natural products, like soil and grass, to earth our body, relieve stress and in general get in sync with our surroundings. All of us work in shoes. Me in boots, several of my friends in high heels, and some in flat, need to be comfortable work shoes. We all walk and work hard. Easily getting in our 10,000 steps per day. And we quite often become out of sync with our surroundings. Or thats what we decided anyway.

So after our 3rd, possibly 5th glass of wine, we decided that firstly, that our husbands can all come and pick us up and take us home. Secondly and most prevalent, we decided we should all earth ourselves. So we took off our shoes, and walked outside onto my friends beautiful lawn. Which quite fortunately for all of us, was installed by Tony the Turfman, supplied by Coastal Turf. So the beautiful Blue couch lawn was soft, and comforting and inviting for our bare sore feet. And it turns out – very Earthing! We synced ourselves to the natural earth around us. We could all feel the stress leave our bodies, and become more aware of what was around us. Our breathing slowed and our conversation flowed.

It was also much cooler outside on the lawn in the shade, than inside my friends house as well. So we all sat down, chiefly to ensure we could totally sync ourselves to the earth, and also because it was a beautiful place to sit and watch the kids.

Cheese and wine on the lawn was a perfect Friday afternoon combination to ensure we had earthed ourselves, and mentally re-invigorated ourselves on the lawn. So I can vouch that Earthing does work. We all felt better after our earthing, and time on the lawn.

So get in contact with us to get a Earthing area for you and your friends (and family too if you think they need earthing) to enjoy and then refresh for the week.

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