Earth Day – Go Green for the Earths well being as well as your own.

When we woke up this morning and we checked our calender my daughter said “whats earth day?’. I did shoot her a weird look and she explained that today was Earth Day according to the calender. So as a techno savy mum(also don’t know how to get fast info anymore) we Google’d Earth day and we were both impressed.


So as far as I could understand Earth day is about making the Earth better. Making it a healthier Greener place to live. Stopping Carbon emissions and storing the existing carbon that is floating around. Awesome stuff. And did you know that Grass is one of the best Carbon stores there is? That Patch of green at your place is cooling your home, adding at least $30000 in property value to your home, being the best place for lawn cricket, football, and the adventures that children (and adults), and it is also sucking carbon out of the air and storing it. (INFO TAKEN FROM TURF AUSTRALIA 2012).

Sometimes I think we take grass for granted. We just think that it is a bit of green outside. But it is also so much more. Green Grassy areas are really good for people feeling blue. Its meant to make them feel more calm and peaceful.

So for the Earth, for your Sanity, for your home, and for your general well being, Green up your place. Put down some grass. Feel Good about yourself for helping the Earth. Feel proud of your lawn. Enjoy and relax with your lawn and you will be loving your Earth as well.


Happy Earth day everyone. May you Green it up …

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This is Hollie contemplating Earth Day 2013 on the Palmetto Grass.

This is Hollie contemplating Earth Day 2013 on the Palmetto Grass.