Ducks on the Grass

At Coastal Turf Macca our farm manager at Round Mountain has started to go into Duck cultivation. Well it looks like it anyway. At the moment Macca now has about 25 ducks that follow him around everywhere. He started with Cranky who he used to hand feed, and Cranky brought all his friends! Now there are too many to hand feed and they room happily over the farm. Macca tells me it is a sign of how healthy the farm is, that the wildlife are coming to live here. Oh yeah I say now he has his ducks, Willy Wag Tails, and so many other birds that I think Curumbin Bird Sanctuary will call us soon and ask for them back. But the Farm is really healthy. We are getting “free” fertilizer from the ducks and they do slightly mow the grass. And they love to eat bugs that float around. So all in all an advantage until you try to eat lunch in the sun….