Dogs and Grass – a dog-gone good combination

A recent chat with a lady down the Shops, (I totally know. I am becoming one of those chatty women at the shops. Now that Caba has its own little shopping district, I can’t go to the shops in daggy clothes or take my kids in PJs anymore. Too many people recognize me and want to stop and chat) about how she would never consider getting REAL grass for her house because she has two largish dogs. A Labrador and a strange big fluffy dog. Both lovely active dogs. I questioned her on her reasons and she simple said that they will kill anything.

I then said that really, you need the right grass for the right area. At Coastal Turf we have 7 different varieties of REAL grass and all have their different uses and needs. Couches need lots of sunlight, but Wintergreen is so strong that even Footballers and their stud boots cannot kill it. Buffalo’s like shade, but because they grow in several layers, can take a bit of a beating. Carpet grass is robust and doesn’t mind the sun but prefers the shade. And I have always found that if the nutrient levels are there and the water is there, the grass will grow.


So dogs and Grass do mix, and really do save you a lot of cleaning. But  like all plants, Grass needs food, soil, and sunlight to grow. And by looking after your 4 legged family members you are also looking after yourself and the environment as well. A real win win win situation.


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Keith and Indy. The Turf dogs. Perfect to trail the grass for your 4 legged family members.

Keith and Indy. The Turf dogs. Perfect to trial the grass for your 4 legged family members.