Dear New Lawn Looker

Dear New Lawn Owner,

Coastal Turf wants to help you turn your house into a HOME!

Why use Turf? 

Turfing is often referred to as the “Frame around the Picture”. The instant transformation from brown dusty dirt to lush green grass around your house is extraordinary. At Coastal Turf we have 8 varieties of turf grasses available for you to Green your home. We offer personal advice on how to best DIY your new lawn for your home. Or we can arrange a professional service for a full installation at your home.

What is the value in Turf?

Turf is the single biggest bang for your buck when you build your new home. And independent study has discovered that turf can increase the value of your home upwards of $40,000.

But which Turf is right for me?

Some people prefer the texture os Sir Walter Buffalo, others love the low maintenance of the Empire Zoysia, and some love the softness of the Blue Couch under their bare feet.

Shade, traffic, texture, soil type, sunlight and maintenance are all the issues that should be considered before you purchase your new lawn. CoastaL Turf’s qualified staff, with over 100 years combined experience, can help you make an informed decision for your new lawn. Once we understand what you want from your lawn we can recommend the right turf for your situation.

What about the drought and possible water restrictions?

As farmers, we understand the drought and lack of rain water available. But this shouldn’t stop you from completing your home. At Coastal Turf we have specific measures to combat these situations. We can recommend soil preparation, and other water saving solutions for your lawn. Like a top dress of your new lawn to reduce the amount of water required for healthy growth.

How do you get started?

Simply fill in the contact form and one of our people will get in touch with you to arrange a free measure and quote at your home. Go see our display yard to Chinderah and walk on the different types of grasses, to call us at the farm and come and have a walk over the different varieties.

The Australian traditions of backyard football and cricket should not be lost. Get a Coastal Turf Lawn to cope with all situations. 

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