Dear Busy Parents

Dear Busy Parent who has taken the time to read this. I really appreciate the time you have stolen for yourself to research about your lawn.

It’s those quick 5 to 10 minutes alone that just make your day worth living. As I sit here and type this my 10 year old every 40 seconds says “Mum, listen to this Meme,” “Mum, do we own a skate board?” “Mum, do you know the Code to get into my sisters iPad?” “Mum….” “Mum…” “Mum…” Do you think it would help if I changed my name? They would probably say that in rhythm as well. 

I even thought I would venture away and lock myself in the toilet room to escape for 5 minutes. But no. Not only did he find me and continue to chat to me through the door, then the dog found me as well and whined outside the door. This whole Parenting gig is pretty full on. Although I did learn as interesting fact about, wait no, I didn’t. I had to tune out to stay sane. 

There is never a minute that is not full of SOMETHING. Something good, something crazy, something fun, something to clean up. Something to take a big breathe about. 

So for you to have taken the time to read this, I thank you. And also realise that it must be really important to you to find a wonderful new lawn for your home. A place where your talkers can go outside onto and not bring back in a lot of mess. A new lawn that smells beautiful in the morning dew. A green space that makes you smile every single time you see it. A lawn where you know your family is safe, and you can take a break. 

I know that the precious little time that you do have for yourself is really important. Be those the small nap breaks that little kids take, or those precious hours between school pick ups. Or just times any times that you can steal for yourself, you know like when they don’t know that you are in the toilet and trapped. Blessed be those moments.

As a mum, I want to encourage Parents to have more of those moments. More peaceful moments. More giggle moments of your kids on the lawn. Rolling, kicking a ball or running playing. 

By having a Coastal Turf lawn installed at your home by our qualified and experienced team, you know you are going to have an Instant Lawn. An instant place for your family to enjoy the green grass around your home. Let us take care of all the worries and hard work associated with creating a new lawn play area for your family. Give yourself a break from the crazy and gift yourself some time. 

Time is such a precious gift. And one that you really show give to yourself. Time to smile, time to laugh and time to have fun. And what better place to do that when your kids are outside on the lawn. Playing. And you don’t have to be! 

Mum. Mum. Mum. 

So get in contact with us today to arrange one of the boys to come and give you a quote on a new lawn of sanity.