Daylight Savings deliveries

Well, this week has been a bit of a short somewhat rushed feel to it. Has it been that way at your house? Just as we got back to work and school, it seems like we are looking at a weekend again. I don’t think I could have fitted as much into the week as I did without daylight savings. It meant we could do two 7am deliverers. One in NSW and then one in Qld. It has so far worked out well. So far….

The only problem is that when we finish at 5pm it is only 4pm in Qld. And when we start here down at the farm and in the office at 6.30-7am, it is only 5.30 in Qld. And not many people enjoy having the lovely turf lady giving you a call at 6.30am in the morning about a delivery or order. Bit strange, I know.

So I do request that when you leave me a message, could you please let me know if you are from NSW or Qld so I know when is an appropriate time to return your call.

This way I can get gorgeous grass like this to your place for your new lawn.

Coastal Turf Qld Blue Couch Paddock

Chat soon